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Brady brochure

Brochure Designed on 2005-08-25 11:43:33

Descriptions: The Project for brochure is managed by Oxygen inc. , Mr. Ajit Nanani,
Here the company wants 4 pages, A4 size brochure for his unique product, all design is doe in four color printing and process.

Company details:
We, at BRADYS Wish you Prosperity and Growth in the New Millennium.
The turn of the millennium has been the first globally shared moment in history.
The on-set of the 21st Century and new millennium is historic for us.
Bradys is amongst the few corporate worldwide for whom this would be
reliving a moment we experienced100 years ago.

For over a century, Bradys has been committed to the task of nation building, it shares with
the nation its joys of achievement, its trials and tribulations, its hopes and
dreams for the future. These have been eventful times in the history and in
its own way we helped to make it. The following then is a very short recital of
the chronicle of a century of life and time of ours.

- Started operations with an office in Bruce . Street - Mumbai.
- Started the first Textile Dyieng Plant in India.
- Opened Branch Office in Manchester, U.K.
- Started the first Insurance Company in India.
- Marketed the first Diesel Engine in India.
- Collaborated to set up the first Electrically run . Textile Mill in India.
- Started the first petrol engine driven tram in. India under the aegis of Nasik Tramway Co.
- Constructed ten identical three storeyed . buildings calle BRADYFLATS
inColaba, Mumbai. The locality is now recognised as a heritage area. The
history of Bradys Flats is linked to the urban and economic history of Mumbai.
- Amongst the first corporate in India to give. donation to the Indian National Congrefo
freedom movement.
- The Company has successfully created a nonpareil presence for its Brands BRAD & MORRIS both in the Material Handling Textile Machinery fields. It is seen as a Manufacturer of high quality Bakery Equipments and has successfully integrated itsresources to both
export as well as import of different products.
- Launch of market oriented new model lifting equipments THE 100 SERIES.
- Agencies Agreement with leading foreign companies to market the
most supplicated and advanced equipments in the Material
Handling and related segments of light engineering.

- Whilst consolidating our existing product line, efforts for value addition to our product profile will be the thrust area. The Company has made progress in negotiating for collaboration with renownedcompanies worldwide in the following Sectors :-
(1) Information Technology
(2) Entertainment
(3) Telecommunication Equipments

For us at Bradys it is an affirmation of values, traditions, beliefs which imbibed in our
Corporate objective QUALITY, OUR LEGACY which we deeply cherish and which
we believe helped and will help us to face the challenges of the new millennium.

As we wish to greet the awakening of a NEW DAWN, a dawn of opportunities, adawn of connections and connectivity, a dawn of interaction globally, we are reminded and take inspiration from a famous Quote of Cap. Edward V.Rickenbacker which reflects our corporate philosophy.

If a thing is old, it is a sign it was fit to live. Old families, old customs,
old styles survive because they are fit to survive. The guarantee of continuity is QUALITY.Submerge the good in a flood of the new and the good will come back to join the good which the new brings with it.


Managing Director