Revolutionizing Fuel Delivery

A Comprehensive Case Study on the Development of Online Fuel Delivery Applications


Delivery, a leading logistics and supply chain solutions provider, embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to transform the fuel procurement process. This case study explores the development of two distinct applications – one for customers to place online orders for petrol or diesel and another for drivers to accept and deliver these orders to the customer’s doorstep. The applications incorporate live tracking features, real-time communication, and an administrative dashboard for seamless management of orders and pricing.


Customer Application

  • Develop an intuitive mobile application allowing customers to place online orders for petrol or diesel
  • Implement real-time tracking features for customers to monitor their order status on Google Maps
  • Ensure secure and convenient online payment options

Driver Application

  • Create a separate application for drivers to accept and fulfill customer orders efficiently
  • Integrate live tracking capabilities to enable real-time monitoring of the delivery process
  • Facilitate seamless communication between the driver and the customer

Admin Dashboard

  • Build a comprehensive administrative dashboard for centralized order management and day-to-day activity monitoring
  • Allow administrators to set live fuel rates daily and adjust them as needed

Development Process

Customer Application
  • Conducted market research to understand customer preferences and requirements for online fuel ordering
  • Collaborated with UX/UI designers to create an intuitive and visually appealing interface
  • Integrated Google Maps API for real-time tracking of orders.
Driver Application
  • Designed a separate application for drivers with features for order acceptance, navigation, and communication
  • Implemented a live tracking system to ensure efficient delivery route optimization
  • Conducted usability testing to enhance the driver’s app user experience.
Admin Dashboard
  • Developed a centralized admin dashboard with functionalities to manage all customer orders
  • Integrated tools for daily rate setting, allowing administrators to adjust fuel prices as required
  • Conducted extensive testing to ensure the dashboard’s reliability and security.
Integration And Testing
  • Ensured seamless integration between the customer application, driver application, and admin dashboard
  • Conducted rigorous testing, including real-world scenarios, to identify and address any issues
  • Efficient Integration and Testing Enhancing Development Processes
  • Launched the customer and driver applications concurrently, with a phased rollout strategy
  • Provided training sessions for drivers on app usage and navigation
  • Monitored the deployment closely to address any initial challenges.

Technology Stack

Customer And Driver Applications (Flutter)
  • Objective: Develop a cross-platform solution for both Android and iOS users
  • Technology: Flutter, a UI toolkit, was employed for front-end development
  • Advantages: Flutter ensured a consistent and visually appealing user experience across multiple platforms
  • Real-time Tracking: Utilized Flutter’s capabilities to integrate live tracking features using Google Maps API.
Backend Database (MySQL)
  • Objective: Implement a robust and scalable database solution for storing user data, order information, and other relevant details.
  • Technology: MySQL, a relational database management system (RDBMS), was chosen for its reliability and flexibility.
  • Advantages: MySQL provided a secure and efficient backend storage solution, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.
Admin Dashboard (Codeigniter)
  • Objective: Develop a centralized administrative dashboard for order management, rate setting, and overall activity monitoring.
  • Technology: Codeigniter, a powerful PHP framework, was selected for its speed and simplicity.
  • Advantages: Codeigniter facilitated rapid development, ensuring a responsive and feature-rich admin dashboard.
  • Daily Rate Setting: Integrated functionalities within the Codeigniter framework to allow administrators to set daily fuel rates dynamically.
API Integration (Codeigniter):
  • Objective: Seamlessly connect the frontend applications with the backend database and admin dashboard.
  • Technology: Codeigniter was leveraged to create APIs for smooth communication between different components.
  • Advantages: Codeigniter’s built-in capabilities for creating RESTful APIs ensured efficient data exchange and system integration.

Technology Stack

Enhanced Customer Convenience

The customer application revolutionized fuel procurement by providing users with a convenient and secure platform for online orders.

Efficient Delivery Process

The driver application streamlined the delivery process, enabling drivers to accept and fulfill orders with real-time route optimization.

Transparent Communication

Both applications facilitated seamless communication between customers and drivers, enhancing the overall user experience.

Centralized Management

The admin dashboard proved instrumental in centralizing order management, allowing administrators to oversee daily activities and adjust fuel rates as needed.


The development of these two applications for online fuel delivery showcases Delivery’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. By leveraging live tracking, real-time communication, and centralized administration, Delhivery has not only transformed the fuel procurement process for customers but has also optimized operations for drivers. Ongoing refinements and updates continue to position these applications at the forefront of efficient and transparent online fuel delivery services.