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organic social media marketing

How to get an organic audience on Social Media

How do we get found in search engines? How do we get people to talk about us on social media? Nowadays, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are no more Social networking sites. They are statements. Here are some strategies to make your pitch perfect. Quality Content: Content marketing is a long-term lead generation strategy that focuses...
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video marketing

How video marketing can promote your business

Humans, as they say, are visual creatures. We are always attracted towards moving, colorful images. Users are drawn to the videos like a moth drawn to a flame! YouTube is now second largest search engine. According to a survey by thinkwithgoogle, before visiting a store, 50% of internet users look for videos related to a...
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Year of Mobile Application

This Is Why This Year Will Be the Year of Mobile Application

It’s 2019 already and if your business doesn’t have mobile application then it is definitely on the path of extinction. Mobile provides faster access to content and customer interaction hence it has become an important asset for any business. From booking cab, to ordering food, to scheduling our day to day task, mobile applications have...
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Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Won’t you just hate it if the click on an ad took you to some unspecified universe instead of directing you to the information you asked for? Obvious, right? That’s where landing page comes into picture. A landing page is something where your potential customer is directed to after he clicks on your ad campaign....
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Marketing Collaterals

Marketing Collaterals are more than just brochures and visiting cards

The marketing collateral options available today cover both online and offline audience. It will increase your ability to reach the target audience. They tell customers who you are, and what you do.  It should be designed to explain the details of your product or services and provide compelling reasons as to why your customer is...
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Mobile commerce is huge

Mobile commerce is huge, and it’s only getting bigger!

Rise in m-commerce Shopping via mobile phone is a graph that tends to go upward always, the possibility of it going downward is almost negligible. We have passed the point where mobile traffic has eclipsed desktop traffic for many sites. According to the data, by the end of 2018, mobile devices are expected to account...
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We fall in love with brands, not products.

“Wow!! What a nice bag.” I exclaimed. “Thanks…..that’s CHANEL” she said. “Whoa! That must have cost you a fortune.” “Sure, but I just love CHANEL.” That sounds about crazy right, spending hundreds not if thousands on a bag? I mean it’s just a bag after all. It might be just a bag for you and...
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Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook Advertising: Not Your Normal Advertising

Brand recognition is not easy these days; it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Even though you might have created a really insightful piece of content, it can be hard to reach the target audience, especially in the beginning, where no one knows you or your brand. Social media is one of the most...
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How to Make People Buy Your Product through nice Packaging Design

“Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.”- Steve Jobs What compels the buyer to buy your product? Buyers need a reason to choose your product over hundreds of other products placed next to yours. Therefore, it is necessary that your packaging clearly states its USPs in an eye-catching way. To achieve this, brands...
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