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Mobile commerce is huge

Mobile commerce is huge, and it’s only getting bigger!

Rise in m-commerce Shopping via mobile phone is a graph that tends to go upward always, the possibility of it going downward is almost negligible. We have passed the point where mobile traffic has eclipsed desktop traffic for many sites. According to the data, by the end of 2018, mobile devices are expected to account...
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We fall in love with brands, not products.

“Wow!! What a nice bag.” I exclaimed. “Thanks…..that’s CHANEL” she said. “Whoa! That must have cost you a fortune.” “Sure, but I just love CHANEL.” That sounds about crazy right, spending hundreds not if thousands on a bag? I mean it’s just a bag after all. It might be just a bag for you and...
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Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook Advertising: Not Your Normal Advertising

Brand recognition is not easy these days; it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Even though you might have created a really insightful piece of content, it can be hard to reach the target audience, especially in the beginning, where no one knows you or your brand. Social media is one of the most...
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How to Make People Buy Your Product through nice Packaging Design

“Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.”- Steve Jobs What compels the buyer to buy your product? Buyers need a reason to choose your product over hundreds of other products placed next to yours. Therefore, it is necessary that your packaging clearly states its USPs in an eye-catching way. To achieve this, brands...
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Progressive Web Apps: A Simple Definition

Progressive Web Apps: A Simple Definition

What are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)? Apps rule the world. Why? Because they are fast and robust and offer services like push notification, integration with other apps and web, location services and many more. People use mobile apps on their devices far more than mobile browsers. This means that if you want to reach a...
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As the name suggest, one page websites are websites with a single page. Simply scroll and navigate in a single page and obtain all the information you need with ease. One page website (also known as single page website) trend began in 2013 but died very quickly as multiple page websites trend was quick enough...
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How Digital Marketing helps your business grow?

Many industries owners unaware about of the digital marketing and where to start the same, however they spend lotus off money in offline marketing like Paper Ad, Hoarding and more. Having a nice website is good but to generate business from the website it need to promote your brand or business online and that need digital...
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Launch your brand using 360 degree branding campaign

Yes! It good to be visible in all way your brand in first launch. If you are going to launch your brand as a product or services, it should be with 360 degree launch; that campaign gives you maximum mileage. Okay, before product launch; as you know your brand market competition, target audience through SWOT...
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website re design project

Checklist for Website Re-Design Project

As an Internet technology frequently upgrade and the old website structure not get good result in new web technology, in terms of UI design, web surfing experience, SEO aspects, Website Security and Digital marketing aspects. So, if you think your website running slow than others? Your website looks bad on mobile phone? Does your website...
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