Packaging Design Trends 2020 to pop your product from the store shelf

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Before we get dipped in packaging designs, let’s focus on the question: What makes you purchase the products you never intended to before entering the supermarket?

Well, we all go through this “unintended additional expenses” whenever we visit a mall or supermarket that has plenty of products that just pulls our attention. This is the convincing power of the product packaging designs, that are so catchy, attractive and sets itself apart from all the similar products placed right beside them.

Product Packaging plays a great role in increasing sales and uplifting the brand image. A study mentions that people make a purchase decision within just 30 seconds of seeing a product, judging by its cover. Packaging is one of the key tools in creating and maintaining strong brand identity. The sense and impression you create for your company and product is what makes consumers recognize and commit to your brand.

Before you hunt for creative designs it is essential to pay attention to few key points for best packaging. It is very crucial to know the type of products and the package type that would suit the product and its quality, who are your key consumers and what your target audience look for while purchasing your product category. These factors together form the foundation for the packaging design of any product.

Now that you know your product and customer requirements, let’s dive into some booming packaging trends that could pop your product off the shelf.

Minimalist Package Design

The packaging design with the minimalist theme has been ruling the packaging trend since decades and still dominates in all product categories. Light color tones, minimal graphical presentation, heighted product benefits with a clear logo gives a product the elegant touch. These types of designs form an image of high end products in buyer’s mind and definitely encourage purchase.

Minimalist Package Design

Minimalist Package Design, image source from Creativeboom

Keep it mysterious

A packaging design that develops a sense of surprise and curiosity in buyer’s mind are perfect examples of mysterious packaging design. Imagine packaging design for a juice selling brand, a package with a unique shape, catchy colors, no fruit image but just a brand logo and product description. The vibrant design would definitely compel the buyers to check out the product just to know what’s inside and even the brand behind this design.

Go Bold. Go Neon

Make use of bright and neon shades in the packaging with bold fonts for product names and a visibly large brand name to instantly grab viewer’s attention. The trendy mix of colors, fonts, graphics and packaging shape differentiates and highlights the products compared to other competitors on the shelf. Expect the product to pop out even in the corner shelf placement.

Give it nature’s touch

Give your brand an organic and pure image. The earthy colors, pastels and natural tones for your package would be just perfect. Keep the brand name and logo subtle, emphasize on product details in simple and small fonts. Make a package look creative or handy but don’t go crazy with shapes and sizes. This earth inspired packaging design gives the impression of product with best natural ingredients, hence increasing trust in buyer’s mind.

Natural Packaging Design

Natural Packaging Design, image source from Packhelp

Keep it Black

To give your package an extraordinary premium look by using solid “rick black or you could explore with some nuances in black. Although the package has the dark shade, it still captivates a buyer’s attention and directs it to the necessary details that the brand wants the consumer to focus on. Any bright color for brand name and product details would highlight the package. If you want to go royal, just use gold prints on your rich black packaging. If your package is a container using the blend of wood lids with black tins would make your package extravagant.

Support Ecosystem and sustainability

Is your brand in the lookout for creating an eco-friendly image and a brand that strives to encourage sustainability then this packaging design is just right for your products. Come up with a unique shape that is apt for your product and use the biodegradable material for the package. A textured package with seeds that would grow into a plant every time you trash the package, has been trending these days. Popular brands are coming up with brilliant ideas for reusable, eco-friendly package that serves the purpose even after product usage.

Tell a story

Design the package in a way that tells your customer a story about the product just by looking at the images on the package. You can either choose contrasting colors and images to depict a tale that focuses on product journey or product benefits or brand journey or just a creative imagination.

Showcase your product

This implies to the packaging design that gives the customers a chance to believe the product inside that matches the product beautifully shown inside. This is in fact a very effective strategy to create a positive brand image, build trust in consumers as well as encourage customers to make quick buying decision. These packaging designs involve a part of the package being transparent which gives buyers a sneak peek into the real products inside the beautiful package.

Product Packaging Design

Product Packaging Design, image source from freelancer

As the saying goes, a packaging design can make a brand or break a brand. One must explore the different trends to avoid losing out to other lowly brands on the shelf next to you. Don’t let your great product to be lost in unappealing packaging. Think it through and do not hesitate investing to hire a great packaging designing firms. Don’t mistake the packaging for just boosting product sales. It’s an important factor for creating a positive brand image and even uplifting the brand. It is considered to be the best strategy as a good packaging definitely captures a buyer’s attention and make them fall in love with the brand , not just the product.

Although, package design is one of the great branding tools, if you are launching a new product line or a new brand, ensure investing in other promotional activities such as Outdoor Hoardings, Digital Marketing, Digital advertising etc to showcase your mind-blowing designs, products as well as Brand.

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