How to make your brand stand out in the market?

Businesses for investing time and money into branding||when customers are not able to connect with your brand

The concept of BRANDING has been pretty confusing to most of the small businesses. The need to put complete efforts for a brand to stand out, can be overwhelming and this creates a hesitation among some of the businesses for investing time and money into branding with obvious doubts such as

“Will it surely make a difference?”

“Is it necessary for our industry?”

“How does it help me gain profit?”

Although the answer to all these questions can’t be clear cut, the effort, time and money invested in branding definitely creates a brand impression that opens the path to success.

Did you know most of the brands that are popular today, are not because of their product quality?

More than 90% of consumers are connected to the brands and its products emotionally rather than logically. The secret to any successful brand is to bond with consumer’s emotions. If your business/ brand has been out in the market since decades, the product quality and services can definitely help gain customer loyalty but attracting new customers can be skeptical. To raise the brand level, to beat the competition, to penetrate through the new market by just having a better product does not suffice.

Brand value in consumer mind

The brand appeal, personality and image can change the consumer’s perception for the brand. Branding, if done right can make your brand touch the sky. Assuming your products can never disappoint your target customers; get your minds to focus on creating the brand vibes that your customers would like.

Let’s begin with asking a few questions to know your brand better.

  • You definitely know your target market but the question is do you know what impresses your customers? What are your customers looking for when they think of your services or products apart from a better product? The answer to this question will generate an idea of what kind of image your brand needs to have.

To create a brand personality, a brand needs to represent itself as a person that has the personality that resonates with target customers’ mind. And this can be depicted with the brand logo that could be funky or classic or elite or simple. Something that connects to your customers and not just the products. Every brand needs the theme, colors of logo, your website reflects a specific vibe. Having corporate identities is a must, this creates a perception of being a brand that has unity, own unique identity and is more than trustworthy. This is what makes your customers think that your brand stands apart.

  • Have you been conveying the right message at the right time? Have you been responding to your customer’s approach? Have you been giving a scope for customer to easily communicate with you?

Yes, we are talking about your social media presence here. Giving your customers a place to connect with you, express themselves, their views for your brands and products has become an essential part of branding too. This has an unimaginable impact on the brand image and gives you the perfect opportunity to win over your customers emotions. Timely response, enticing posts, offers to delight customers etc. can all make your customers go gaga for your brand in no time. Social media is the best way to connect to your customers emotionally and rise above your competitors.

  • Does half of the target market you try to please drift towards other competitors? If yes, are you connecting with their emotions?

Each customer searching for you on any search engine is a 100% potential customer but those numbers only go down when customers are not able to connect with your brand. Websites play a very big role in creating an opinion about your brand in visitors mind. No matter what you sell, if customer don’t get a good feel while browsing through your site, you are doomed. Web design and development matters. Along with the look, feel and creativity of your website design, the user friendliness, and easy navigation, quick page loading time, device compatibility and assistance for the visitor are all most important factors that can change a customer’s perception even before knowing the quality or type of products/services you provide.

when customers are not able to connect with your brand

When customers are not able to connect with your brand?

  • Well everybody promotes their main products or services. Apart from that what can your brand offer to complement with the main product?

It always delights customer to receive freebies no matter the quantity or utility. Offering complementary products for customers can attract them easily. Now, here’s the advantage, plan on giving the stuff that could promote your brand beyond your customers. Ensure to have brand identity on the complementary goods, this can further help create a good impression along with brand awareness.

A good example could be a pen drive that has your brand logo and name. This can be used by your customers for gifting someone, or sharing the device with someone who is not aware of the brand.

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