9 silly mistakes you must avoid in your eCommerce store development


With the emerging need of getting all things delivered at doorstep, the ecommerce platforms have shown an exponential growth. But even with such rising demands, not all ecommerce platforms take the success flight. Besides the factors like products, service, customer support etc., the user experience on the site itself plays a key role to get more sales.

Every visitor tends to generate liking for the site, in the first visit and if the experience goes bad, the user may never return leading to fall in sales and nowhere near success. Let’s focus on what mistakes people tend to ignore, which can disappoint the visitors and cause great loss.

  1. Complicated Navigation

In the efforts of making the site too creative, everything else gets too complicated. People forget the fact that more simplicity for user, the more comfortable would user feel and hence the better and longer engagements and sessions. It is very important to ensure that user as well as bots can easily navigate through all the Web Pages and stages of purchase.


  1. Unattractive layout

We all know, looks matter. Yes, even for the sites. Everything that user sees in his/her first visit should instantly put him in the awe. Attractive layouts make a huge difference by creating a pretty picture in user’s mind, which does half of the purchase convincing job. This is the most important element to retain the first timers as well as expect their acquaintances to visit your site too.

  1. No Trust Elements

Regardless of the time the site has been live; do not ever forget to boast about your business. Let your visitors know your business victories and achievements. Make sure your platform clearly has trust elements such as user benefits, return policies, user reviews, user generated photos, bestsellers suggestion, customer chat support, simple way of reaching the business and more.


  1. No COD

This is the most crucial factor for any ecommerce platform especially newly developed and serving in India. That’s right, No COD is in fact one of the main reasons people leave the site right after going through checkout, resulting in incomplete transaction and cancelled orders. More than 70% of people don’t trust new sites or such platforms with their card information and therefore don’t make the purchase. Hence, Cash on delivery is a must option if you are providing services in India.

  1. Unnecessary detail collection from clients

It is always wise to give people an option to pick from their email or phone number to provide. Furthermore, registration should only ask the visitors for their user id and password, instead of asking to fill out their billing address, permanent address, location access etc. before the visitor makes any purchase.
Asking additional information right at the beginning could annoy the customers and make them bounce out of your website.

  1. Forceful Registration

Yes, there are around 40% of the visitors, who do not know if they would like to come back to your site again, who do not wish to keep getting your offers or any sort of news. These are the people who would love the GUEST CHECKOUT option. So, make sure, your business pleases them too. Always keep an option for the user to checkout as guest and do not force them to register.

  1. No Cancellation/Replacement

If your business is comparatively new in the market, people might not trust it much. So make sure your return and refund policies are clear and simple. Do not trick the customers into just replacement option instead of cancellation and refund. This can create negative image and get negative reviews for the products. Refund and Cancellation policies, matter a lot more than you imagine to customers.

  1. No Offers / Coupons

It is a human nature, to get more and give less, isn’t it? We all get happy when we get stuff during offers and deals, regardless of the actual amount, the bigger the offer, the better. Offers, time limits on offers, happy hours, sales, etc. entices the customers to make purchase. So if you are not keeping offers, your business might not get the attention, it can potentially have.


  1. Shipping and Its Charges
    Besides the user process and layouts, ignoring the mistakes in invoices and additional charges could be really dumb. Ensure that you keep your product pricing and additional costs like shipping etc. affordable and in proportion. For instance, if the products costs 100 and the shipping costs, taxes etc, bring the total to 250, Customer would definitely leave the site right before checking out. It creates a negative impact on the potential buyers who were actually interested to make a complete purchase. It is best advised to keep the shipping free at least in your region and metro cities.

Hope these absolutely helpful tips help in your new ecommerce store development or bring the necessary boost with updates in your existing platform.

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