How to boost business sales with Social Media Paid Marketing

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With the world going digital, it has become a piece of cake for anybody and everybody to start a business online. But easy as it sounds, getting your business in the spotlight, increasing brand visibility among so many competitors is the toughest job. And if you are thinking that a low investment and little efforts can get you the results, then it is time to clear the myth. With the rising competition in every industry, businesses adopting digital marketing tactics and your customers having plenty options to compare you with, it takes sound digital strategy, advertising efforts, cost and time to win the game.

To ease your struggles and solve queries on mind related to paid ads and running them on social media, here are some simple tips that can help you rise through competition, reach your target market and generate leads that convert.

  1. Platform is the Foundation

Discover where your target market likes to hang more, and plan your ads spend accordingly on those platforms only. When it comes to Instagram, you will most likely find all the youth as well as mid range people. For the older crowd opting for Facebook is a wise thing. And if you are purely a B2B brand, investing on LinkedIn can get you more than you expect. Choosing a wrong platform can land you in a place, where people are watching your brand but it doesn’t matter to them.

Social media ads objective

  1. Objective is the key

Based on the position of your brand in sales funnel, choose the objective. For the brands that are fairly new, should start from the awareness category. Setting a goal of reaching as many people as possible to increase brand awareness would be a correct objective to increase revenue through indirect selling. In case of a service brand that has already earned some recognition but wants to reach potential target customers and remind them of the amazing products/services, consideration should be your goal. The ads can aim at helping the viewers land on particular page or take some action which could directly generate lead. For the businesses that are B2C, setting direct sales or encouraging people to visit stores is the right objective to choose.

  1. Minimum Text, Clean Design

Every Social Media Ad needs to have 80% of the creative occupied by image or visuals and only 20% for the text. Keeping minimum text not only allows the ad creative to look clean and minimal but provides ample space to highlight the actual product or design. Ensure keeping the color theme and fonts according to the brand, to create you unique recognition of your brand in viewers mind.

  1. Readable Relevant Message

Yes, content matters the most. But keeping it short and up to the point encourages viewers to actually read the ad text. It is no secret that if any ad has appealing visuals it attracts the viewer’s attention, but the right content can motivate people to take action and engage. So ensure keeping the ad message readable, using simple font and relevant to the brand and visuals to help users stay connected to the ad until they make a decision.

  1. Go for Videos and Carousels

With so many products and services attempting to boost sales on digital channels, opt for something that entertains users without expressing the intent to just sell the products. Videos or curious carousels can work wonders, as while your potential customers is scrolling through static content, a short video or carousel can grab the attention quickly. Connecting to viewer’s emotions can at the least encourage them to engage with the ad through sharing or just liking which can further notify their connections.

Digital Media Stories are important

  1. Stories are Important

When it comes to social media, we are all interested in watching the real content and getting acquainted with what is happening in our friends or relatives life. 90% of users prefer watching stories and status on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. And this is where your ad can play n important role, so do not miss out showing your ads in stories.

  1. Placement Customization

Make sure to create your ad posts in variable sizes that are most suited to the type of ad placement you have chosen. Creating just one square ad would hinder the ad performance and might place the ad to limited places due to size incompatibility issues and you surely wouldn’t want to miss out any potential ad placement.

  1. Device Matters

Last but not the least, we rarely pay attention to the kind of devices the ad must be displayed on. Generally people go with the assumption that no matter the device, ad should show up everywhere. In some cases, yes that is a good idea but when you are aware of the devices that your target will be using most of the time, optimizing your ad accordingly is a wiser decision. For instance, while shopping or ordering food, 90% of the people prefer mobile phones rather than desktops to make quick decisions. So remember device matters.

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