Top Seven Website Design Secrets for Internet Marketing Success


When it comes to marketing your website, you should really work on the design of your site and optimize it so it makes you the maximum amount of money per visitor as possible. The design of your website is very important and plays a huge role in your website’s success or failure. Consider the following tips when designing your website:

Secret #1 – Clean Design and Cool Colors
Make sure the design of the layout is clean that suite your business. In home page it should be nicely placed all the target pages links with good images, so you can drive the user to your target page to purchase the product, registration or inquiry. Also, website design should be with nice colors, so the visitor would like to surf your website each page.

Secret #2 – Clear and Rich Writing
It is very important when you write copy or have copy written by a professional, that it be very clear and to the point. You do not want visitors to have to guess what your site is about, you want to make it clear up front.

Secret #3 – Mobile Friendly & Browser Friendly
Expected mobile users will be in 2019 will pass five billion, so make sure your website good to be in surf through a mobile device, for that make sure website is ready with Responsive website technology. Also check the website in look good in all popular browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, UC Browser, Opera etc.

Secret #4 Easy Navigation
Make navigation very easy to understand by a user. Like which pages are importer that you should keep in the main header and other you can place in a footer. Any Registration Now, Get a quote or Call now links should easily visible home page.

Secret #5 Search Engine Friendly
Make sure your website code is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. Each page has proper URL like it includes product keyword or what is the page about, and no space, no “_” in URL pattern. Proper Title, Meta Description, and Keywords placed on each page. This will help your website crawl each search engine.

Secret #6 Quick Open
Make website coding with clean way, so the website opens quickly in users device. For this make sure that code not includes unwanted lines, unwanted javascript or CSS that take the load to open the website. Also, check the website in google webmaster tool that will give you the clear idea about how to optimize the code and images to make the website fast open.

Secret #7 – Focus on Prospective Client’s Needs
Throughout your website and copy you want to focus on your client’s needs and how you can solve their problems with your services and products. Nobody is going to your website to learn about how you got started, they’re looking to buy your products. Focus on this to increase your conversion rates and boost your income.

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