Know Google Ads (Adwords) Facebook, Instagram PPC Ad Campaigns


What is PPC?
PPC is referred to Pay Per Click model that is used for online advertisement on search engines, social platforms and other sites. PPC has now become a general term in the digital world for advertising in order to get more visits to your traffic, get business leads, increase brand awareness and compete with big and small industry players. This model works on a simple mantra i.e. only pay when the ads that you run gets clicked and not for showing your ad to people.


Why should you invest in PPC?

  • Show up on first SERP
    PPC search gives you an opportunity to show up on Search Engine Page Results above all the organic / unpaid results. This is in turn creates higher chances of reaching the audience searching for business like yours.
  • Compete with all size brand players in your industry
    The Ad showing up on first page of SERP opens the door to compete with the popular brands or rankers on SERP Organic results in your industry. So if you are newbie or a small player, you have equal opportunity to reach your potential customers online to create brand awareness or generate leads.
  • Budget Friendly
    Traditional advertising needed the companies to spend a fortune to just reach a large audience with just the hope of increasing sales. Well no more. PPC works on bidding strategy and gives you free will to set the ad spend limit in your budget. One can set a bidding price for the ads being clicked which further estimates the reach of the ad/ impressions.
  • Pay only when your ad gets clicked
    The best thing about these click ads is unlike paying for just showing your ad to people, you only pay when someone shows interest in your ad and clicks on it. Amazing isn’t it. So you are only paying for right people. One right audience can return a huge amount on your investment in the ad.
  • Choose who to show yours ads
    Every business has particular target audiences that are more likely to convert into customers. It could be demographics, particular profession, location based or their interests and likes. Imagine showing your ads to anybody and everybody, what are the odds that your ad is reaching the right target. PPC ads allow you to set your target customer to whom you want your ad to reach.
  • Measurable Results & Deeper Insights
    Once your PPC ads are active, you can see the measurable results like the number of clicks on your ad, number of people the ad was shown to, average cost per click, what type of searches triggered your ads to show up. Moreover you can learn deeper insights about the type of audience that show interest in your ads.
  • Optimization
    In case your ad is not working well, you can make changes to your ad anytime and every time. PPC ads can be optimized until you achieve satisfactory results on your investments.

Who can benefit from PPC?

PPC is particularly very advantageous to new business who want to set a strong foot in the competitive industry and small businesses who want to grow their business and amplify sales. PPC is rather considered a valuable investment in today’s era compared to other investment methods that give lower returns. PPC is a very effective strategy to achieve brand awareness and business leads, reach a large volume of potential customers within your budget which in turn could be used as powerful weapon for small business and new startups to showcase their unique selling points and compete with old industry players. Moreover, Well known brands with strong brand image are also investing in PPC to achieve ROI.

When should you invest in PPC?
Every business has a specific set of goals that they strive to accomplish. Identifying your goals heedfully and investing in ads strategically could take your business to a new height. Using PPC, one can set various objectives for their ad campaign such as
• Brand Awareness
• Lead Generation
• Sales
• Increasing Traffic


Where or on which platforms should you use for PPC?
Each Platform has a broad range of users but typically consists of a particular segment of users that fall under the tag “loyal fans “. For instance, Facebook consists of people all over the world with varying age range and more but this platform is more famous among users whose age is 40+ whereas if you take a look at Instagram it has a set a strong hold among its youth fans.

Therefore, each platform has its own value, and knowing your target customers’ choice of platform could help you make wise decision on choosing the ad platform. Some of the platforms are crowd-pleasing and worth investing in PPC.
Google Adwords
• Bing
• Facebook
• Youtube
• Linkedin
• Twitter
• Pinterest

While PPC has all these amazing benefits, it is a time consuming process which needs constant tweaking, observations, and optimizations. Moreover, as simple as it sounds, one needs to be sound with the PPC terms, in depth knowledge of the platforms, how they work, regular updates and changing in systems and other factors that can affect your ad output.

Therefore, return on PPC investments can be achieved when these ad campaigns are nurtured, supervised and optimized strategically. It would be very wise to hire professional PPC analyst or partner up with an agency.

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