9 Essential tips for eCommerce platforms to succeed in 2020


The rise of internet usage in India have ignited the Indian business minds, special thanks to Jio and other network services providing 4g and high speed internet services. People with entrepreneurial mindsets are embracing the emerging trend of developing e-platforms to trade products and services. This shift from offline business to online business has hyped some of the great eCommerce business like Flipkart, Jio shopping, Myntra to name a few.
The rising standard of living, advancing technology, online presence, social media explosion, trending smart phones and online buying experience are some of the key factors leading to significant growth and competition in e-commerce platforms.

Whether you are a newbie or have been in business for decades, ensuring incorporation of the 8 essential features will definitely give your B to B or B to C or C to C eCommerce business a boost in 2020.

1. Attractive web design – Customer experience- easy navigation

Research shows that customer experience will be the key differentiator for eCommerce platforms by 2020.

The first step is to focus on attractive web design creating a stellar customer experience across all the pages of the site. Every page from home to each product page to checkout page, there should be attractive pictures and relevant information that holds customer attention. Another important point is to make your site easy to navigate, which is often overlooked. It is very important for customer to be able to find what he needs easily, and be able to go back and forth across the site quickly and without complexities.

2. Crawler friendly website

A website lacking optimization is as good as a dead skeleton. A website that is optimized for search engines are more attractive to crawlers and hence appearing on first SERP. Moreover, it helps getting more visitors and increase sales. Make the site crawler friendly by having an appropriate web structure, Page title that follows appropriate format, enticing and relevant page as well as product descriptions and most important beautiful and clear product image. It would be a cherry on top to add a 360 view of the product to entice customers.

3. Responsive site

BrightEdge data predicts that around 57% of web traffic comes from devices such as smart phones and tablets. Over 75 million shoppers make purchase using mobile or tablets.

This makes it essential for every eCommerce platform to make the site responsive or in other words the site that is optimized for mobile and tablets as well. Mobile friendly is a very big factor in the ranking algorithms for shopping sites. Additionally, considering a mobile app is definitely worth.

4. Integrate Amp Framework

Building your website using Amp Framework also called as Accelerated Mobile Pages framework gives the user consistently fast experience on your site. Page load time is decreased immensely by making your web pages fast and smooth loading which in turn ensures users on your site get an unparalleled, instantaneous and native-feeling experience while they go through product purchase cycle.

Ecommerce websites usually deal with content that is profoundly dynamic and that keeps changing based on user actions (think filtering, sorting, adding to cart etc. Therefore, a well-implemented AMP website ensures:
• Increase in the organic search traffic volume.
• Increase in user engagement and sale conversions.
• Reduce the load on servers because AMP CDN caches and responds to search results.


Integrate AMP framework

5. SALE Banners

What catches people attention when they visit shopping sites? Of course the big, broad clear banner on the landing page that says “ SALE “. Using clear massages and banners for current sales , promotion codes or special signup offers for new members boosts sales and time the customer spends on the site. Although it is a common hack but works every time.

6. Easy Checkout and customer support

The last phase of customer’s buying journey is the utmost important phase for customer acquisition as well as retention. Make sure you provide them with “guest checkout” option. Optimize your page speed and load time by keeping it simple. Minimize the checkout process up to three steps i.e. Address, Payment and Confirmation.

Amazon calculated that one additional second of load time on their product pages would cost them INR11.5 crore in lost annual sales!

7. Secure Payment

Besides incorporating multiple payment methods in your site, making the payment portal secure is crucial to any online business. It is vital to give your customers peace of mind by making your site secure and safe. Implement SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol and other encryption algorithms to guarantee the confidentiality of transmitted data and proving your customer that their information and password is encrypted.

8. Leverage the power of user generated content.

Customer testimonials and product reviews play a very important role in building trust factor in the visitor’s mind which in turn increases the probability of conversion. Furthermore, adding user generated content like customer images of the products further enhances the customer buying experience.



9. Re-marketing 

Abandoned Shopping cart is predictable but making the customers revisit the cart is not impossible. Giving your visitors a little nudge to remind to purchase the products they left in cart through re-marketing efforts is the best way for conversion. Invest in re-marketing ads and give your customers personalized recommendations and special offers to provoke the purchase.

Adapt these tips into your business plan and make your eCommerce “New Year Ready”. If you are interested in integrating the above tips and looking for web design, website development, theme designing, logo designing, SEO and digital marketing services, contact Kumbh Design Inc. Today!

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