Construction Branding

We have build up complete branding identity for a construction company Trine Projects,
who constructs various projects with defined values and methodology.

The logo design for Trine consists of 2 aspects, initial letter T of the name and another is its aspect of 120° defining its 3
core values using 4 colors from color palate to match the needs.
Similarly, business card was designed with logo on one side and minimal details on other side with neat and clean visuals. On same base envelope design and letterhead design was made with same color combination. In addition company diary and duct tape was designed as it was initiated seeing the quality of work on previous tasks.

Moving forward we have received an order of 1200 Tshirts with hand embroidery of logo design on skin friendly material for durability and feasibility along with printed company mugs and flags. And also designing format of logo design on construction cap was done on two sides.

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