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Search Engine Optimization India

How to get Google, Yahoo and MSN top 10 listing position

Amazingly less than 20% of small businesses and SMEs currently use optimization techniques on their website as a means of reaching potential customers, despite over 80% of all website activity being generated from search engines. Keyword choice is critical to the success of your site. What’s Google Search Engine Optimization? Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)...
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mobile website is the future

7 Reasons Why Responsive Mobile Website Is The Future

It is great that you have a website that is live, however make sure that if it is created around year 2010, then you need to re-design it in mobile friendly way.  People love to access internet through their mobile devices. They use smart phones to search for local place, online purchase, place direction, gaming,...
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exchange your business card each other

Business Cards Still Matter in Today’s Digital Edge.

Yes, in business everything we do digitally, like sending contacts, emails, networking and attending virtual meetings. However, a business card is yet not replaced fully digitally and it’s important in this digital world. # Exchanging Contacts with your Business Yes, it is real relationships begin when you exchange your business card each other. It is...
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Top Seven Website Design Secrets for Internet Marketing Success

When it comes to marketing your website, you should really work on the design of your site and optimize it so it makes you the maximum amount of money per visitor as possible. The design of your website is very important and plays a huge role in your website’s success or failure. Consider the following...
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Build a Website with Trust Factors

If someone doesn’t know you personally, will they trust you enough to do business with you just by visiting your website? Most people view organizations – and websites – they don’t know with great skepticism. Given all the identity theft and viruses running around, people are understandably cautious and somewhat skeptical when they go to...
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Choose the right color scheme for your website.

We feel the beautiful world, cause it is colourfull. our human eye love to see the colors, so the same thought goes with any design of website or brochure or applications that humans (we) using. Yes, in a world that is obsessed with makeover madness, even your website needs to follow specific color guidelines when...
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advertising and marketing collateral

Brochure and marketing collateral are your marketing weapons

Yes, as it is a digital edge, however, a small and corporate business requires marketing weapons and that is a brochure and all marketing collocation. Brochures have become considered the “gem” of the marketing and an advertising world. What added to the interest of brochure is that not only did they serve as the guide...
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