Elevator Company Branding

This is a complete portfolio design for an International elevator manufacturing company that believes
in expanding along with uplifting community through their dedicated means of working formulas.

Firstly, we started with logo design that reflects three basic value and principle in a form that it shows an upward sign as per its belief. The business card has been designed with reference to color contrast of the logo. Besides this attractive envelope design was created to show recipient name and address from outside with same color combination.

For individual employee of the company, id card were designed in a manner that shows detailed elements of particular person. From service point of view as per the demand of client we have designed as well as executed duct tape as a symbol of caution. This material was appreciated by client as well as the service person for its quality.

For outdoor advertising purpose we had designed full body design to paste on their service van that promotes their service and essential details that are easily visible by the viewers.

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