Designing a Brand Identity

For a large or medium organizations Logo is not just an identity, to build a brand identity system it needs to provide a combined vision and design that helps to build a brand in market and in eye of consumer.

A Brand
In simple way, Brand is a faith and trust of consumer’s belief.  We are proud to use and trust so many products and services around us.

An Identity
The visual campaigns, that represent the company. Identity is the style guideline used as a framework for campaign like Stationery, Marketing Collateral, Packaging, Signage, Digital projects and many more.

A Logo
To create Brand Identity Design first company needs a stunning Logo Design. That can be an icon (mark or symbol), text base or combination of both. Logo should be in simple form so that it can be utilized in any application without hassle.

Firefox Logo by Martijn Rijven of Bolt Graphic


Brand Identity System
Once you are ready with your Brand Logo design, process of identity visualization starts. The purpose of the identity is to shape methodical visual design around the brand logo.  Visual design campaign is created around logo with color theme, which suits company business and logo.

The Style Guidelines

Brand Style Guidelines are very important for growth of any brand, which includes Logo usage, Typography, Color Scheme, Layout style and many more. According to Brand Guidelines entire campaign runs in market across world or region.

Here are a style guidelines of popular Walmart brand




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Fire frameworks for php open source development

A server side language like PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) grown much in demand among web developers and designers in these days. PHP is utilized to develop dynamic websites and real-time web applications, There are numerous frameworks for PHP, which help the developers in many ways. Read on further to know why frameworks are used and which framework is best!

There are the three main Open source MVC PHP Platforms use worldwide for the developers.

Fire frameworks for php open source development

Fire frameworks for php open source development

  • CakePHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • Laravel

these are the most used platforms in their own rights. They follow the MVC pattern, ensuring a clear separation of logic and presentation. But there are different opinions on which PHP framework is the best, because some developers prefer performance, some prefer better documentation, some prefer lots of built-in functions. And they each have their pros and cons. Most frameworks have the same features, just slightly different syntax. It will be wrong to say you can’t do certain things in other frameworks, just that sometimes it’s simpler.

But which framework is the most popular among this three. Here are statistics since last 5 to 6 years of frameworks.

  • A CakePHP is fantastic framework at they started from 2011 to mid 2013. Lightweight to use in developing.
  • Then the new aura is coming in framework for CodeIgniter and it’s highly useful and has that kind of ready to use tools and understanding better OO concept as well.
  • Then the new kid is grown in market right now in 2016 and It is clearly very popular in the world for the developer and top rated choice framework.

As per work and personal favorites in some countries a Laravel is winner from them. And it’s win at large margins. As per the statistics Laravel is the most common favorite in US, UK, India and many other countries as well.

But let we understand actually what functions they framework has and why we choose particular framework from them.


CakePHP is popular among PHP developers due to its lightweight, simplicity, faster and require less code. CakePHP, if I recall correctly, was one of the first PHP frameworks around back when spaghetti code was standard. It is easy to learn with fast and flexible templating. The built-in CRUD feature is very handy for database interaction. The idea behind Cake was to make developing applications fast. The framework also has various built-in features for security, email, session, cookie and request handling. Less time working means more time making money.

Latest version is CakePHP 3.2 (as per this post).


  • The main pros is CakePHP have Built-in ORM which always really enjoyed. Building queries is really simple and you can fetch a blog post and all of its comments in one or two lines of code.
  • Reverse routing. This makes maintaining links in an application so much easier. This means if you change a controller’s name at some point.
  • Big community. Because CakePHP had been around so long you can find the answer for pretty much any question you come up with.
  • Plug-in Support. This makes re-using code super simple and help keep the app folder clean.
  • Large Database support.


  • Incredibly slow. Recent versions of CakePHP are much faster and more efficient than previous versions, but it is still one of the slowest frameworks.
  • TONS of lines of code. Some developers don’t care what’s going on under the hood. The code is well documented but there’s just so much of it can be overwhelming.
  • Autoloading can be awkward.


CodeIgniter is the second most popular web framework among PHP developers. It is a lightweight powerful PHP framework that provides simple and elegant platform to create full-featured web applications. It’s certainly popular, and has been around a similar amount of time as CakePHP. It is a lightweight powerful PHP framework that provides simple and elegant platform to create full-featured web applications.

Latest version is CI 3.0 (as per this post).


  • Super easy to set up and use. This makes the entry level for a newer PHP developer much lower.
  • Extremely well-documented, with examples in a lot of places to illustrate usage.
  • Extremely fast.
  • Huge community. As with Cake, since CI has been around so long you can almost always find your answer via Google, CI forums, or their IRC channel. This also means there’s lots of code contribution to help get things done (like PayPal libraries, etc)


  • No modular separation by default. We can’t separate our code in different modules.
  • We personally have to extend way too many core files to get CI working the way we like it. The more you modify the core, the more you have to maintain later. We’d rather be coding something productive.


Laravel is the most popular PHP framework among PHP developers. This is a relatively new, but great web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax that aims to make web development easy and fast, by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, queuing, and caching.

Latest version is Laravel 5.2 (as per this post).


  • Modularity is built in via “bundles”, making it really easy to drop in/reuse code across application.
  • Eloquent ORM is a simple, super fast ORM that makes working with database relations easy
  • Very configurable and extendable. Set up apps with the folder structure the way developer’s like it and how it works best for.
  • Blade template engine. Very fast (compiles to PHP then caches the results) and very extendable. So easy to add new features without hacking the core.
  • Artisan (CLI). It’s so easy to create Migration things with Artisan.
  • Reverse routing!
  • Excellent documentation.
  • Fast Application startup time.


  • Laravel’s core files are all within (at least) the Laravel namespace and not all of the files in core use a namespace slash (a\) in front of a call to another core file, which makes extending some classes a bit trickier. This is not a huge issue and one not every developer will need to worry about.
  • Routing can feel a little odd sometimes.
  • Because of its newness the options for finding answers are still limited in comparison to CakePHP and CodeIgniter. However, the forums and IRC seem to be quite active with helpful people, so usually the answer is findable.


The CakePHP framework is also easy and standard code but it’s causing a large speed to run program. The very popular CodeIgniter framework remained the top choice for PHP developers from 2011 to mid 2014 and it’s fantastic framework for getting the hang of PHP and OO coding and for knocking a small site together fairly quickly with low overhead. However, later in 2014 a new PHP framework Laravel arrived to become the most popular and most used framework in 2015. Now in 2016 it is clear that the Laravel framework will remain at the top, due to huge interest from developers and clients worldwide Laravel is currently developer’s framework of choice. Its coding style makes developing much quicker for developers.

So, this is all you about it!

Comparison of these three big players in the world of PHP.
As always, being a developer the best framework for you is the one which you are good in.

Developer’s view

Mehul Maheriya (Team Leader & Sr. Web Developer)

As per my point of view CodeIgniter is very best for me. I have doing speedy code and getting help from online very fast. And it’s very best and suitable for my developing style. No matter what world voted for the CI has high or low ratings.

Yes I know, right now Laravel is most popular framework worldwide for all developers but I suggest using that framework comfortable you writing with. And I am comfortable with CI. So, I’d choose CodeIgniter at the best from these three.

Feel free to update us this article, and if you have website or application development project in pipeline feel free to drop email for same

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Creative Design Briefing for Logo Design

Creating a logo design for brand or company that required depth design briefing before start on creative part. Client provide only what name of logo design should and may give service, product or company’s short information only. This small logo design information not means an artwork of design.

Impex Logo Design Creative

Impex Logo Design

A creative agency know how to create a creative logo design for brand or company with respect of that business nature. To do so it required below briefing process after quote and account approval from the client.

Know client profile first
Meet your client and know about Brand and about your client’s short summary, nature and their history. It will help to educate creative team who uses the brief as a creative artwork.

Objectives and Aims:
Know objective and aim of the logo design creation, think on single-mindedness of why we are working on project and how it will help your client.

Target Market and Competitor:
We should know target audience for same brand or company logo, select demographic that the client is trying to appeal with age range of people, gender, geographic location and Social class. Mind tis all point while create a logo artwork.

Logo Project Timeline:
Timely committed deliver will give positive impression from client. Divide project in 3 milestone, one is briefing as we talk above, second is First draft at list 5 creative design, Third is Taking a feedback correction from client side, and last if final art work creation.

Artwork source deliverable
Once client give approval for logo design you should deliver Raster and Vector file format as a final delivery, that will work for print and web format for your client. Raster is images format like, .JPG, .PSD layered, .TIF and .PNG. Vector art formats are .AI, .CDR, .PDF etc. Make sure your account process are complete before source deliver 😉

Share your feedback and thoughts for same post.

If you are looking brand or company logo design, feel free to drop email for same

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Eclipse vs. Android Studio vs. Xamarin

In the mid 1990s an era of powerful commercial development environments began. When I say commercial, the market was craving for better technology and IBM was aggressively preparing for one. The focus was on a more open industry approach centered on the java platform. The budding world of technology was divided in two sides: Microsoft’s development on runtime execution support and IBM’s Java development.

future of android development

future of android development

The world was actually heterogeneous where various products were trying to build their features; the only way all the resources could be utilized was to integrate them all. That I would say was the beginning of Open Source.  But to the paradox of eclipse’s development by IBM, the developers couldn’t really understand why this platform was built unless IBM released eclipse as open source. The main strategy was to make all the developers get used to eclipse in such a way that an entire family of product reign can be created. The strategy did work till 2003 when slowly mobile applications started making its dawn. Yes! I am talking about the dawn of Android Development. The technology world actually made a shift from Web based technologies to Mobile based operating system periodically; with 35 apps made available in the android market for the original version.

The android development took away a major part of eclipse platform; although eclipse was built to be a general all purpose IDE that can be used with any platform and language (I agree the major focus was Java). The developers who were targeted to get used to eclipse started moving to android studio since the eclipse was a bit cumbersome and android gave them many tools which made the developer’s work a bit quickie and easy. When google took over android without a sound; its ADT plugin which transforms the popular IDE into a fully featured Android developing environment has become very stable. With the beta version Android will clearly flush Eclipse.

After a decade of heterogeneous world, there came a time when finally developers are tired of matching the expectations and demands of the market hurricane.

  • Java is used by 3.1%of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know. There are 8,311,000 Java developers out there.
  • As per 2015 statistics 48.51% of android users existed in the market.
  • The rest of the market, mainly iOS and Windows covered 11.04% & 14% respectively.

So principally you cannot ignore any of the platform, and a developer need to turn into a superhuman to create an application for all the major platforms. The major drawback of existing technology is they only support their own kind. You cannot create iOS application using android studio and you cannot easily transfer your android program to eclipse.

We are talking about the future now! Future of entire Application Development industry: Xamarine

  • Over 600,000 registered developers
  • 32,000 new developers per month
  • Customers in 120 countries
  • Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Within 4yrs of development phase, Xamarin evolved into the superhuman acquisition of application development. The developers of xamarine integrated the visual studio, such that one can make an android, iOS as well as windows app from the same platform. The idea did come from the cross platform program execution feature of .Net, but nobody ever imagined the mobile feature of .Net could actually give you a completely new era.

First things first, when I talked to my android developers about Xamarine, none of them were very supportive with the fact that we have something better coming up, obviously the developers have spent years to expertise in the platform, now the market wants a single developer to carry out all the tasks.

Pros and Cons??



  • cross-platform mobile applications for Android, IOS and Windows Mobile
  • Uses unified programming language (C#)



  • Lacking third-party library support
  • Expensive(Not free, You can use trial version for 30 days only)


Yes you don’t have to manually connect device for programming.

But remotely you need a system with higher bandwith of speed, if not you will definitely end up waiting for your machine to respond.

Android ruling the market with 48%, now the questions are:

  • Will xamarine flush android studio and eclipse?
  • Will xamarine completely monopolize the development platform?
  • The android covering such huge share in the market will the android developers use this technology and support iOS & Windows as well?

Kumbh’s Konclusion

Xamarine will bring out a new equalization in the market where businesses spending triple amounts to make sure they have an app in all the three platforms will go to a single destination.

Flushing out Android studio won’t be that easy because there will be dedicated android users in the market and developers who have specialized in android will hesitate to move their platform. Countries like India, where technology in the startup companies is not that polished, will again find problem as they have to upgrade their entire system, and that will take hell lot of investments.

But get ready to watch a new age of cross platform technology!

  • Android Developer Point Of View:- 
  1. Kajol Patadia :-

As an Android Developer I found Android Studio suitable for Android App Development because it is faster than Eclipse and Updates are easy to install and also it takes less memory for storing on the machine than Xamarin because Xamarin is a combination of IOS, Visual Studio, and Android Studio so machine performance decreases compare to Android Studio. For Using Xamarin, developer wants high Configuration system to work on visual studio and Android studio simultaneously.


  1. Mansi Patel :-

If you want to develop only Android App then it is better to use the Android Studio than Xamarin because Xamarin provides IOS, Visual studio, Android studio. Xamarin is useful for those developers who want to develop App in C#. For only Android App development it is not necessary to use Xamarin because of its memory issue.

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How Facebook Fan Page help your business?

Facebook is one of the majority admired social networking websites on the internet that have over 750 Billion dynamic users all-inclusive. It is perceptibly very vital to make use of this grave traffic system to scuttle and swell your business online. facebook fan page design

Facebook fan page design

A facebook fan page is purely a community page that will allocate you to split information about your company, business, services, and products with other Facebook users. Once you generate a Facebook fan page for business, you can initiate reap its remuneration.

There are some key reason why a Facebook fan page is imperative for business.

1st – Driving traffic to your website
2nd – Easy To Create
3rd – Better Communication
4th – Matter of Trust

Facebook simply assist you enlarge your loop of business to a bulky number of online users. Creating a Facebook fan page will not charge anything and you can increase many novel clientele and associates.

We at kumbh design will furnish your facebook page design as similar to your product page that competition with your website page and color. It will assist you augment your fan likes throughout your product or company endorsement. One more high-quality point is your can ensure your ROI from your facebook fan page.

Email us your requirement of facebook fan page design, development and integration at online(at)

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Searching for 3D Designer Professionals, 3D Animators for your dream project?

Convert supplementary spectators into buyers with our special 3d design and 3d animation work.

Our 3D Product Design will produce high impact with prominent modeling and rendering expertise support from Kumbh Design. If you are looking for 3D product designing, product animation, film, and print media related 3d designing services then we are one of the ideal service providers in India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad.

3D design

3D design

Since Kumbh design having an ample experience of 15 years in designing era. We love creative designing and like to produce immerging ideas for business segment. Today 3d animation is a highly resourced creative platform specializing in product visuals for print, web and digital presentation. We work with product designers and imaginative agencies which provide our clients high quality 3D renders, illustrations and 3D product views by means of high-end production and post production techniques.

Illustrate compound designs in 3D animation, accumulate, blow up and move around or into the design. We offer high value 3D Product Animation services to a variety of Manufacturing Agencies, Furniture Designers and other product based firms. Using the latest 3D software and modeling tools, we imagine print and animation thoughts for the advertising, design and digital interactive industry.

Create 3d Product Modeling and Animation for your industry that will efficiently showcase your business products and services.

Till date, we have work on a extensive range of projects for both print and the web. We work with product designers, marketing teams and promotion agencies to create persuasive 3D images that generate attention, fetch thoughts to life and imprison the imagination. Our visualizations allow imaginative ideas to acquire new products to be marketed and provide interactive traditions to present product detail and reimbursement. Our 3D Product Design and Visualization team concentrate in products visuals, animated product videos.

Engage with our stunning 3D product visualization and animation work. To get free assistance for 3D Design, 3d animation, 3d architecture, 3D Product Design, 3D Visualization, 3D rendering, 3d illustration design, 3D film animation design, print services, contact us at online(@)

Call us at +91 79 26464711, 14
Our Office is located at 304- Parthmilan Complex, Nr. Hotel Nest, Off. C. G. Road, Navrangpura- Ahmedabad-09, Gujarat, India.

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Make your Corporate Films and TV Commercial

We Kumbh Design Inc., an advertising agency based at Ahmedabad, having a well-equipped newest technology and contemporary equipment’s with creative design and script writing team to make Corporate Film and TV Commercial. The key purpose of our company is to make corporate films and TVC that focal point on the compensation of your product even as present your company’s strength. We present corporate films design, Product Presentation with multimedia, TVC, Documentary films starting from concept development, script, video shoot, Voice-over  Editing and HD quality deliver. That you can use for your company presentation, exhibition display, on website or YouTube appearance.


corporate film, documentary film, TV commercial

Kumbh Design comprehend that a Corporate Film is the most effectual standard to accomplish out the niche and curve of the industry planet and communicate the accurate and apparent visual messages about your products and services international. Our work principles build us to deliver ideal services and elusive excellence to offer most excellent value for your money.

In Process of Corporate Film and TVC, We begin by accepting your business, your products and services, since your aim clientele profile and your purpose for developing a corporate film is most important factor in today’s competitive market. Afterwards a concept with a script is developed by our design and visualization team and it is then suggest with you with the help of storyboards. After essential approvals, we set off about the business of actually making the film.

We have already created corporate film in a variety of formats including DVD, CD-ROM, streaming video for your website or a regular VHS video or film. As Corporate Films and TVC are our specialty and we have shaped efficiently designed corporate films for some of the major corporation in the planet.

As a company satisfaction, we have no problem to sign secrecy agreement, as most of the corporate films we create are for inner communications as well. Having created corporate films for numerous international companies, we are at the present capable to produce Internet Videos and Virtual Events in multiple languages for viewers all over the earth.

For More detail of Corporate Film, Documentary Film and TVC requirements, contact us as below. As a leading corporate TVC and film, we are proud of the work, we have shaped for our customers. To locate out more about our services, get in touch with us at:

Phone Support Center: 91-7926464711
Email Support Center: online(at)
Web Support –

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Responsive Website Design with HTML5 and CSS3

Responsive Website Design is one of the modest and preferred ways to design web presence along with latest technology support of HTML5 and CSS3. This type of web will not only delivers broader view but also adjustable with any devise like mobile phone, tab as well as desktop and ultimate way to access website from any location on their own device. So it is a plus point to make your website with Responsive web technology to keep upgraded with new generation web with mobile technology.



In fact, Responsive Web Design is a loom of laying-out and codes a website such that the website provides a best possible viewing experience, ease of reading and navigation with a least of re-sizing  panning, and scrolling across a wide variety of devices from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.

The designer create a Responsive Design be supposed to make sure that the website’s routing elements, screen-layouts, text, images, audio/video players and other UI elements re-adjust themselves on a range of devices. Thus, one require not expend additional time and wealth in create and maintain one “mobile-site version” and another “desktop-site version” of her website.

In modern day, Technology will play imperative role in construct user friendly web application development. Ever since innovative technology will imminent at standard intermission of time, to construct web application in newest technology will assist users and clientele to administer their every day functions. These days HTML5 will be the #1 alternative for citizens to develop web based application and web development as HTML 5 makes available n number of reimbursement.

In near future, Day by day, the numeral of devices, stage and browsers that require working with your site grow. Responsive web design represents a primary move in how we will build websites for the decade to come. One of the best advantages with responsive web design is that it will work on both platform including desktop computer and mobile device, it will automatically adjust browser and web application as per mobile device while normal website will work only in desktop based computer. Thus ultimately responsive website design is cost effective solution in longer term.

Some of Best things to know for making Responsive Website Design with HTML5 and CSS3 at Kumbh Design:

  • We employ brilliant responsible web applicant on Your Behalf so u can free from recruitment work.
  • We deliver assortment of team which covers enormously talent people, middle level information community to carry out open job as per project precondition.
  • Experienced skilled expert with technical proficiency.

Since its recommend to build responsive web design with HTML5 and CSS3 to make better enhancement. As one of the most excellent benefit with HTML5 will be it enclosed the features of XHTML and HTML. Key features provide by HTML5 is the video, audio and added media including plug-ins by means of predefined syntax. Today, HTML5 positively is the wealthy prospect of the web earth!

For More detail for responsive web design, responsive website development with CSS3 and HTML5, contact us as below for your web requirements:

Phone Support Center: 91-7926464711
Email Support Center: online(at)
Web Support –

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Construct an incredible Website through Php Web Development

In today’s circumstances of online web marketing customs, it is extremely significant to continue ahead of each other player. For this, you require to have a high-quality and skillful website design that not only supports your products or services but also stay you in front of everyone else in this contest for longer era period. Previous to such immense meaning, you require a superior backing to help you with this. A trustworthy php web development company will be your final alternative at this time. This corporation will aid you put up a accessible website by by means of recent technologies with the tradition of a variety of applications and platforms.

ecommerce Website Development, CMS Development, Portal Developments, Social Networking Sites

ecommerce Website Development, CMS Development, Portal Developments, Social Networking Sites

These days, php developers are hire to insert functionality to your website and avails the clients to obtain praise with the websites during scripts. They develop for you a variety of web pages and applications according to your requirements and prerequisite. With the utilize of general functions of this programming language, a php programmer give with website management and its expansion, manages the website till the whole project get finished.

Apart from structure your websites, the developers also take care of the safety of your website. Through current technologies, they build sure that no hacker can damage your website. To create it straightforward and effortless to use for the users, php programmer makes the use of supplementary features and outside services. This facilitates the user to get the most benefit of your services through the website. The most excellent about the developers of current era is that they are available at any time of the day so that you can obtain any of your queries to them linked to your website. They have full latent and the passion to resolve any website associated problems and that too inside incredible point epoch.

 When it approach to clear and excellence website development, php web Development Company ruins at the pinnacle list of precedence. The remarkable shape of websites by means of PHP as their language demonstrates the significance of using this language. The diverse forms of classes, objects and library function make it simple for the php developers to enlarge websites in a great deal effective, timeless and superior form. Apart from this, they still run a every day uptime report and project details next to each day backups in case the client needs it at any point of time to check the progress of the project.

We at Kumbh design delivers best industry based solutions for ecommerce Website Development, CMS Development, Portal Developments, Social Networking Sites and Website Maintenance in PHP Language. Our Expert PHP programmer’s will study the most complex business reason and working linked with best php project processing.

For More detail for php web application development, contact us as below for your web requirements:

Phone Support Center: 91-7926464711
Email Support Center:  online(at)
Web Support –

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What are the points that you should know; before starting your packaging design project?

In our day to day lives, we see many products with good packaging design, out of them some attract us and some do not. Did you know why some product packaging gains consumers attraction? Yes, that is because of its good packaging design and better presentation.  You may be a product owner or a designing agency /designer; for that we let you know more to create attractive packaging design which will help you in boosting your skill and career.

Take a note on following points before starting your packaging design.

  1. Your industry
  2. Target Market
  3. Color and Combination
  4. Design and Spacing
  5. Content
  6. Packaging Detail
  7. Design Dummy

Let’s get into detail on above points

1. Your industry:  Industry vise, packaging design is different, as you know your product either it is Pharmaceutical, Retail, Skin and Healthcare, Chemicals, Agriculture, Food and Beverages etc; it has particular look and design of its packaging design for every industry.  So take look at the market and collect three to four best and popular packaging design of your competitor brands.  Study that packaging that why it looks nice to the eye of the consumer.

Now you will think is it always required to go with stream? What if we want to create something new or out-of-box?

The answer is yes of course! Creativity & differentiation always stand out but the main thing while execution of the idea that you need to keep in mind whether it will be acceptable to end user/ customer? If the answer is positive than go for it!

packaging design

packaging design

2. Target Market: In every industry’s product; there is specific target audience and that can be divided in age, income, gender and business & family group. According to this division of target market, it needs to decide the exact packaging design for every product and that will definitely help your product becoming a popular brand.

Each target market consists of customers that follow a pattern of likes and dislikes for every product/ service. The packaging should be in such a way that suits to the need of customer. In this current era when almost everything is available online, when a customer visits to traditional or modern retailer what attracts his or her attention is packaging & presentation.

3. Color and Combination: Color and design combination is the most prominent part in packaging design.  Like for example, you have a kids brand so it is important that your product packaging should look attractive to the kids’ audience? So according to this you need to design packaging very colorful, less content and cool placement of the copy and colors with brand logo. Similarly if you have cosmetic product you have to play with woman or family oriented shot & color. It also depends on the age group of target group like your product is for age group of 15 to 25 year or 35 to 45 age groups.  Same as if you have retail product then decide your target consumer who will be interested in your product.

Colors always play synergic all effect. If you are in FMCG industry and into a snacks category the colors in packaging design need like yellow, orange or other bright colors as they will impel hunger in the minds of viewer. So choose your packaging color wisely.

4. Design and Spacing: Same as the 3 point, Design and Spacing is also important for packaging design. As human mind read the top left to bottom, and big name font first, and more as per the interest the human for his / her need.  So your product Brand should read first with clear, then the product line and other specific product that need (no space required); like ingredient, specification, how to use etc. Whole design requires a sufficient ‘white space’ left i.e. the message of your design must be specified in less space so as to avoid bulk of letters over the design.

5. Content: Packaging content helps your consumer to understand the product clearly after attracting the client when the packaging is ready on the hand to them.  These days’ consumers are very conscience and they are aware about the product and its need. So they read and understand the packaging content that required before purchasing the product. So it would be nice to have good content for your packaging design as per the product in which you are dealing. Though it is not compulsory but a creative, efficient and easy to understand content should be your priority for packaging design to attract and leave a better image in the minds of customers so as to compel them to buy the product of yours which they saw and bought.

6. Packaging Detail: After all the above procedures; product reaches to consumer after the store owner, so in this case your product packaging need include required packaging detail, and now every industry have norm of packaging detail. It should have Mfg. Date, Exp. Date, MRP., Barcode, Best Before use, customer care no. etc. These details differentiate product from others and provide legal mark to the product quality and quantity.

7.  Design Dummy: Now all the data that you have and with your Design Agency, ask design team for two three design revisions which must be creative and different from each other. Next step is that on your final design, give updates that you need to change, if any.  Before going to production, your packaging should be readied as a design dummy in same size with color, check from your team and once final version is gone for print the packaging job is said to be completely done.

Below is few of our packaging design project.

packaging design

packaging design

Hope this packaging design article will help you for your project. Feel free to assist us; if you have good point to add in this article.  Get more design info from our portfolio 

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