7 Reasons Why Responsive Mobile Website Is The Future

mobile website is the future|

It is great that you have a website that is live, however make sure that if it is created around year 2010, then you need to re-design it in mobile friendly way.  People love to access internet through their mobile devices. They use smart phones to search for local place, online purchase, place direction, gaming, food order and many more day to day activities. By 2019, it is predicted that mobile will account for 79% of all the web traffic; that means only 21% of the people spending time on your website, will be from desktop computer.  Hence there is wide opportunity to get business leads through mobile friendly websites.

Here are the reasons why:

Increasing Number of Smart Phone Users:
Of all the internet users, smartphones contribute to 80%. Almost 1.2 billion people access web through their smartphones. Majority of internet traffic is brought by smartphones; hence smartphone optimized website is important.

Same URL as that of Desktop Site:
URL and coding of responsive mobile websites are same as desktop websites. Such websites are cost effective and optimizes to the changing devices and screen resolutions. Moreover, a well-executed responsive design will also ensure that navigation and images adapt attractively to the mobile experience. It is much easier for Google search spiders to crawl, regulate, index, and organize content.

SEO Strategy Becomes Easy:
There is no special need of building a separate mobile website. Instead, keeping the same website makes it easier for Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Different Behavior on Mobile:
Different people exhibit different behavior while browsing in mobile phones. When browsing on mobile, content becomes more important because of the limited space available. Visual content like short videos and images are more consumed by mobile users than desktop users and capturing this traffic needs optimized design techniques. It is also necessary to include minute social share buttons, WhatsApp share options and page optimized for various mobile screens to bring more traffic to the page.

Google’s Importance to Mobile Website:
Google may not consider a website as a search result if it’s not mobile friendly. Mobile usability is the third most important factor of all the factors looked by google when deciding how to rank your websites on search engines. Google even declared in November 2016 that it would crawl mobile version of website before the desktop version.  Also, google may penalize you if your site is not mobile-friendly as per Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm. According to Google ideology, if your website is useless for mobile users than there is no point in listing it in search results.

Switch devices:
People tend to switch between multiple screens like PC, tablet or mobile phone. This means that at some point, they may even visit your website in a hand held device and a poor mobile optimized page will definitely affect a purchase decision negatively.

For Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Mobile Website is Inevitable:
This is a known fact that social media platforms are used more on mobile devices than on desktop. So, it is necessary to have a mobile friendly website and lack of it will affect your social media campaigns as most of the conversions will be from a mobile device.  In order to capitalize social media outputs, a well designed mobile website is necessary.

Some of the statistics that shows importance of mobile optimized website:

  • 50% of the users agreed that even though they confide in a particular business enterprise, they would use it less often if their website weren’t mobile friendly.
  • 60% of the users said that they would switch to competitors website if they are unable to find the information they need on your mobile website quickly.
  • 80% of the users said they would stop engaging with the content that doesn’t display well on their device.
  • 88% of consumers who search for a particular business on a mobile device tend to call or go to that business within 24 hours.
  • 73% of consumers access websites on their mobile devices but only 20% of companies have mobile optimized site.
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