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Business Cards Still Matter in Today’s Digital Edge.

exchange your business card each other

Yes, in business everything we do digitally, like sending contacts, emails, networking and attending virtual meetings. However, a business card is yet not replaced fully digitally and it’s important in this digital world.

# Exchanging Contacts with your Business

Yes, it is real relationships begin when you exchange your business card each other. It is an authentic and actual conversation with eye contact as a human and that make trust on each other. Also with your contact is also exchange your brand or business identity as well.

# Most effective & Direct tools.

It’s most effective and direct marketing tool, rather than digital marketing. In business meeting handshake along with business card exchange is direct and effective. As it is easy to keep with you in your pockets or laptop bag, so when you find scope to meet a new business person in industry conferences, at trade-shows or airport lounges just make the valuable business connection with your business card.

# A Brand impression of your business

Every business has an identity and that appears in his Business card. A good looking business card makes great first impression of your business, so make your business card expansive that reflect your brand logo and brand identity. With your contact information is also present your Business and values.  You can also print QR code on the business card so through the code person opens your website quickly and get more information about your services or product.

# Physical is Rememberable.

While you meet any person and exchange mobile number each other, which is remembered only for a day or a month, after that some time forgot the name of a person or his business.  But when your exchange physical business card to each other that is remembered for long. Even more, if you have the special and attractive card. So the person may forget your name or number, he will find your card with your band logo or color from the cardholder after a year also.

So keep your business card with you always.

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