How to get Google, Yahoo and MSN top 10 listing position

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Amazingly less than 20% of small businesses and SMEs currently use optimization techniques on their website as a means of reaching potential customers, despite over 80% of all website activity being generated from search engines. Keyword choice is critical to the success of your site.

What’s Google Search Engine Optimization? Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of rebuilding website code to become searchable (Top of Google search results) in a Search Request; This is considered Search Engine Ranking, Position or Placement in the Search Engine Database.

How to get to to the top of the search engine results and stay there. One thing that will never change about Internet Marketing is that you have to actually GET people to your website in order to make money. Everyone with a website needs to know how to work the search engines, and this eBook will teach you how to send your website skyrocketing to the top.

Having a website online is not enough. If you are not getting business out of it then there is no use running it. Search engine optimization is more focused on bringing high quality targeted website traffic to your site. Search engines want to know what your pages are about so that they can provide your pages to their users if you have relevant content.

Get your website copy sorted, Make the copy to the point and snappy. Make it sure it has impact, and asks the potential customer for their business. Make a Site With a Clear Hierarchy and Text Links. Every Page Should Be Reachable From at Least One Static Text Link. Your website’s navigation is the foundation of your entire website. It binds all the pages together into a common theme and provides a clear vision to your website visitors. Clear navigation is extremely important for search engine spiders. Spiders want to find as many pages on your website as possible. However, if your navigation is confusing, or worse, incomplete, search engine spiders will not discover your entire website.

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