Launch your brand using 360 degree branding campaign


Yes! It good to be visible in all way your brand in first launch. If you are going to launch your brand as a product or services, it should be with 360 degree launch; that campaign gives you maximum mileage.

Okay, before product launch; as you know your brand market competition, target audience through SWOT analysis and ready to launch the product in the market with a beautiful campaign design. Have a look below media selection ideas that help your product launch successfully 360 degree as a PAN India or regional wise.

Print Media:
Print media is a mass communication in the foam of printed publications, such as newspapers and magazines. According your budget select best print media during your launch, and repeat the ads frequently till your campaign is running. Keep your print design very clean and attractive that convey the brand message or your campaign message.

OOH Media:
When consumers are out of home, this OOH media focus your campaign marketing. In this media it includes Billboard, Bus Advertising, Bus Shelters, Billboard Bicycle, Mobile Billboard, Highway gantry and Posters. For OOH branding take care the campaign design should have minimum content and creative design to grab attenuation and able to read quick your brand message.

Television and Radio Media:
You get maximum viewership for your brand launch campaign by Television and Radio broadcasting, this is the best media to use for brand campaign. In media planning you can choose the popular channel according your product or brand, like if you are launching Consumer or FMCG brand then you should go for most social serials that have good TRP channels. Plan for two to three month campaign that gives your brand good viewership, for one week ad campaign in TV may not give good mileage of your ads.

Digital Media:
Yes, this media is in boom in recent digital edge. Almost all consumer in using smart phone in urban area, also in similar scenario in rural too. So to boom any ad campaign in digital media is great idea as well as it is cost effective too. Use the best popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, Interest and many more in line to viral your ad campaign. You can also go for paid ad campaign in adSense in google, linkedin and Twitter. Even you can use display ads to for your campaign choosing right target audience for campaign.

On Ground Activity:
You can also plan an On Ground Activity in your brand campaign. Choose a right place to make activity with the right message and right branding. For this activity you will have to go with standee or canopy and promoter team should be with dress up with your brand t-shirt and cap.

Hope this articles give you an overall idea about media selection before your brand launch. Share your feedback or edit suggestion in same.

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