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Year of Mobile Application
It’s 2019 already and if your business doesn’t have mobile application then it is definitely on the path of extinction. Mobile provides faster access to content and customer interaction hence it has become an important asset for any business. From booking cab, to ordering food, to scheduling our day to day task, mobile applications have...
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Mobile commerce is huge
Rise in m-commerce Shopping via mobile phone is a graph that tends to go upward always, the possibility of it going downward is almost negligible. We have passed the point where mobile traffic has eclipsed desktop traffic for many sites. According to the data, by the end of 2018, mobile devices are expected to account...
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Progressive Web Apps: A Simple Definition
What are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)? Apps rule the world. Why? Because they are fast and robust and offer services like push notification, integration with other apps and web, location services and many more. People use mobile apps on their devices far more than mobile browsers. This means that if you want to reach a...
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Android Developer India
Android application development allows a much quicker information gathering and the information is specific. The whole cycle of processing is powerful and the enhancement tools of Android are very easy to understand and utilize as well. One can easily obtain information without involving in any kind of business or agreement. The application may be elaborate...
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mobile website is the future
It is great that you have a website that is live, however make sure that if it is created around year 2010, then you need to re-design it in mobile friendly way.  People love to access internet through their mobile devices. They use smart phones to search for local place, online purchase, place direction, gaming,...
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