How to Make People Buy Your Product through nice Packaging Design

|Innovation concept in packaging design

“Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.”- Steve Jobs

What compels the buyer to buy your product? Buyers need a reason to choose your product over hundreds of other products placed next to yours. Therefore, it is necessary that your packaging clearly states its USPs in an eye-catching way. To achieve this, brands need to have clear understanding of their competitors, the target consumer, spot on color scheme, their target markets and how they differ from the competitors.

Survey of Competitors
A little hard work never hurt anyone. A detailed study of your competitors is the factor that should always be taken into consideration for packaging design before launching your product in the market. Competitor analysis is important because it gives us an idea of what works well in the market as such it’s a proven strategy. What works for them might work for you as well! But this does not mean copying your competitor. The aim is to obtain a generalized idea about how competitor’s product get mileage in consumer purchase, so you consider to implement in your brand packaging design.

Target Consumer
As your product is your baby, so know first how the buyer of your product is. Keep Target consumer in mind, consider what they like to purchase from retail display rack. Like say your product is lipstick then your consumer target is female consumers of age 18 to 38. So the packaging design of your brand must attract the female consumer with beautiful design and soft color range.

Choose Right Color
According to a study called Impact of Color on Marketing, researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone. While picking the right color, predicting consumer reaction to color appropriateness in relation to the product is far more important than the individual color itself. Like for example, white, gray, silver, black are more popular among car colors and it is almost useless to try to sell a car of pink, yellow, green or such similar colors. The color schema depends not only on the type of product but also on type and age group of the target audience. For example, any product whose target audience is women should focus more on bright vibrant colors rather than darker shades. So keep in mind that your packaging design have good color scheme.

Right Region
Target market is also important before making packaging design for any brand. Like say if you have product that you are going to launch in rural market then the design of the product should be good for rural consumer. And in same way if you are planning to launch in urban or for export then the design of packaging for your product should be more premium to grab attention of the urban consumer.

Innovation & Concept in Packaging
Apply innovative ideas in your product packaging that is visually different and appealing from market and competition. That force consumer to purchase your product. It is good to be different from regular packaging design, but in this way you will have to pay more for packaging production, however many big brands apply this strategy for concept packaging design.

Innovation concept in packaging design

Innovation and concept in packaging design

Content of the Packaging
There is a fine line between providing your customer the relevant, required information and bombarding them with unnecessary details. Keep it simple, yet providing all the necessary details. Your package should explain the value proposition of the product without customers having to read lines and lines of text. For example, for a brand selling organic tea, it is important to mention that the tea is organic but it is needless to mention the details about its plantation.

So before you launch your product in market with beautiful packaging, one has to know about who is going to purchase your product.

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