What are the points that you should know; before starting your packaging design project?

In our day to day lives, we see many products with good packaging design, out of them some attract us and some do not. Did you know why some product packaging gains consumers attraction? Yes, that is because of its good packaging design and better presentation.  You may be a product owner or a designing agency /designer; for that we let you know more to create attractive packaging design which will help you in boosting your skill and career.

Take a note on following points before starting your packaging design.

  1. Your Industry
  2. Target Market
  3. Color and Combination
  4. Design and Spacing
  5. Content
  6. Packaging Detail
  7. Design Dummy

Let’s get into detail on above points

1. Your Industry:  Industry vise, packaging design is different, as you know your product either it is Pharmaceutical, Retail, Skin and Healthcare, Chemicals, Agriculture, Food and Beverages etc; it has particular look and design of its packaging design for every industry.  So take look at the market and collect three to four best and popular packaging design of your competitor brands.  Study that packaging that why it looks nice to the eye of the consumer.

Now you will think is it always required to go with stream? What if we want to create something new or out-of-box?

The answer is yes of course! Creativity & differentiation always stand out but the main thing while execution of the idea that you need to keep in mind whether it will be acceptable to end user/ customer? If the answer is positive than go for it!

2. Target Market: In every industry’s product; there is specific target audience and that can be divided in age, income, gender and business & family group. According to this division of target market, it needs to decide the exact packaging design for every product and that will definitely help your product becoming a popular brand.

Each target market consists of customers that follow a pattern of likes and dislikes for every product/ service. The packaging should be in such a way that suits to the need of customer. In this current era when almost everything is available online, when a customer visits to traditional or modern retailer what attracts his or her attention is packaging & presentation.

3. Color and Combination: Color and design combination is the most prominent part in packaging design.  Like for example, you have a kids brand so it is important that your product packaging should look attractive to the kids’ audience? So according to this you need to design packaging very colorful, less content and cool placement of the copy and colors with brand logo. Similarly if you have cosmetic product you have to play with woman or family oriented shot & color. It also depends on the age group of target group like your product is for age group of 15 to 25 year or 35 to 45 age groups.  Same as if you have retail product then decide your target consumer who will be interested in your product.

Colors always play synergic all effect. If you are in FMCG industry and into a snacks category the colors in packaging design need like yellow, orange or other bright colors as they will impel hunger in the minds of viewer. So choose your packaging color wisely.

4. Design and Spacing: Same as the 3 point, Design and Spacing is also important for packaging design. As human mind read the top left to bottom, and big name font first, and more as per the interest the human for his / her need.  So your product Brand should read first with clear, then the product line and other specific product that need (no space required); like ingredient, specification, how to use etc. Whole design requires a sufficient ‘white space’ left i.e. the message of your design must be specified in less space so as to avoid bulk of letters over the design.

5. Content: Packaging content helps your consumer to understand the product clearly after attracting the client when the packaging is ready on the hand to them.  These days’ consumers are very conscience and they are aware about the product and its need. So they read and understand the packaging content that required before purchasing the product. So it would be nice to have good content for your packaging design as per the product in which you are dealing. Though it is not compulsory but a creative, efficient and easy to understand content should be your priority for packaging design to attract and leave a better image in the minds of customers so as to compel them to buy the product of yours which they saw and bought.

6. Packaging Detail: After all the above procedures; product reaches to consumer after the store owner, so in this case your product packaging need include required packaging detail, and now every industry have norm of packaging detail. It should have Mfg. Date, Exp. Date, MRP., Barcode, Best Before use, customer care no. etc. These details differentiate product from others and provide legal mark to the product quality and quantity.

7.  Design Dummy: Now all the data that you have and with your Creative Agency, ask design team for two three design revisions which must be creative and different from each other. Next step is that on your final design, give updates that you need to change, if any.  Before going to production, your packaging should be readied as a design dummy in same size with color, check from your team and once final version is gone for print the packaging job is said to be completely done.

Hope this packaging design article will help you for your project. Feel free to assist us; if you have good point to add in this article.  Get more design info from our portfolio https://www.kumbhdesign.com/packaging_box/portfolio 

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