Checklist for Website Re-Design Project

website re design project|Website Re Design Project

As an Internet technology frequently upgrade and the old website structure not get good result in new web technology, in terms of UI design, web surfing experience, SEO aspects, Website Security and Digital marketing aspects.

So, if you think your website running slow than others? Your website looks bad on mobile phone? Does your website rank lower than your competitors on Google Rankings? These are the clear reasons your website needs re-design work.

Go through 8 points of re-design your website check-list before you start website re-design project.. This all points definitely help you to make your new website faster, SEO friendly, mobile friendly and good looking website.

  • Analyze your competitor’s website and compare with your current website: If you think that your competitor’s website is better than your website; then you should make in-depth analysis to their website and understand what people like in their website and what can you do to enhance that thing in your website. Just check the competitor’s URL that open fast, what is the navigation flow, how quick it search in Google search, what is the page content and what URLS he used.


  • A good Navigation flow: A good navigation is primary requirement for a website. That helps user to user find that requested information quickly on your website. You should design an easy navigation flow of your website, so visitor and search engine bots can understand and crawl the entire website without difficulties. A good Navigation flow will increase the time spent by visitors on your website.


  • Eye-catching layout: A website layout is as important as navigation flow, you can attract the 90% people from the elegant layout. People like what their eyes like at first glance so, a good layout is necessary to generate huge amount of traffic. Keep simple and attractive layout with the main features and services or product are appear on the home page along with target link to user will go through. Layout should inspire to take action or purchase the product or services


  • Set with the trend, Be Mobile Friendly: A website must support mobile screen because mobile technology is passing through the great revolution. More than 50% users use internet with their smart phone. You should concentrate on making a responsive website layout that look your website good into desktop, tab and any mobile device. Users that get best visual experience on website are tend to spend more time on website than traditional websites.


  • Write Rich Content: In your new website, make sure each page have reach content about your services or product. Also give important to headline and service content as well. You should give your visitors the whole explanation of your products or service with your content which includes rich text, images and videos. Your website page content represents your company, so you should keep in mind essential aspects like grammar and spelling as well.


  • SEO Aspects: By keeping in mind several SEO aspects, you can score good rankings on search engine that can lead a huge amount of potential reach on your website. SEO aspects like; In each page have proper page meta title meta keyword, meta description, image alt text, content headings (H1, H2, H3 etc), These features can be very useful for search engines to categorize your website to appropriate category and show Search engine result. Even more add XML site map in your site and submit to get google analytic and google webmaster tool to get know that who and how about your website search.


  • SSL (Secure Socket Layers): A website security is very essential because every user’s private data can be stored in servers as required information. You must establish all your connections with secured protocols like http and https. It will be helpful to gain trust of your visitors.


  • 301 redirection: As you are doing your website new from scratch, in this case it may have many page URLs is being change from the old website. Therefore keep in mind that; while you host your new website live on your old URL, that time your old URL being lost in eye of Google search engine. So taking your old website in present in internet URls, and when any user come through that old website URL and click that show “Page Not Found
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